OPA Organize.Prioritize.Act


OPA stands for Organize. Prioritize. Act. OPA is a form of a cognitive behavioral tool that Martin K. Abdo developed, in November 2009, to reduce stress quickly and effectively for those who live with mental illness. The four-step process of the OPA tool is contained in a one-page worksheet. It allows an individual to switch from the emotional state to the logical state of thinking. OPA’s simple format allows an individual to address and reduce stress in three key areas. It helps manage overwhelming stress, create daily structure, and assist with goal setting.

OPA is for anyone who feels overwhelmed at times, tends to avoid, struggles with short term memory, and/or is disorganized in their thought process. When being supported by a trained professional, in almost all cases, OPA can reduce stress within thirty minutes.

Martin K. Abdo

Martin K. Abdo

Creator of OPA for Mental Health

Martin is a Certified Peer Specialist at Harborview who has lived and successfully managed symptoms of mental illness for the past twenty years. He was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 in 1994. Martin created the OPA tool outside of work originally for himself in November of 2009. He used this tool as a way to avoid triggering his bipolar symptoms while undergoing tremendous stress and feeling overwhelmed in both his private life and work environment. Read more

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