OPA Organize.Prioritize.Act


Empower yourself and become more independent by using OPA to switch from an emotional state to a logical state of thinking. Using OPA’s simple four-step process allows you to identify your own feelings, organize your random thoughts, and prioritize by number the importance of your supportive thoughts for reducing your stressor. OPA allows you to freely take action at reducing your own stress and move forward with your own recovery Reduce and manage your personal struggles, whether they be overwhelming stressors, creating daily structure, or goal setting (or all three). Prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed by quickly managing multiple stressors with the simple four-step OPA process. OPA gives a disorganized and chaotic mind order and relief. Take action on housing, employment, medication management, symptom management, money management…to name a few Assist with memory issues-use as a helpful concrete reminder for provider appointments and other time sensitive responsibilities. Increase proactive engagement with your treatment in the following areas: med management, eating healthy, exercising regularly, socializing, sleep hygiene, attending to basic hygiene, completing daily/weekly house chores. Increase problem solving skills. Achieve short and long-term goals. Avoid avoidance. OPA is easy to learn and teach others and simple to create and use daily. Only pen and paper are needed. Most importantly…OPA offers hope!

The OPA cognitive behavioral tool has been successfully implemented in an outpatient mental health clinic in Seattle for over two years. This cognitive behavioral tool for reducing stress is used in the agency in several different ways: as a weekly support group for peers, receiving one on one support in person by Peer Specialists and providers, and over the phone. In addition, OPA is being piloted as a support group and offered as a one on one intervention tool in two inpatient psychiatric units for a large hospital in Seattle.

The OPA cognitive behavioral tool will assist you in multiple ways at reducing and managing stress. OPA is fast and effective. In most cases, with proper support, one can complete the OPA worksheet within half an hour. I have provided free online access to the OPA Worksheet and OPA Provider sheet.

It is imperative to manage stress in order to help yourself work towards recovery, live a longer life, and have greater life satisfaction. The OPA cognitive behavioral tool can assist with this process.

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